Agency securities

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Agency securities

Securities issued by federally related institutions and U.S. government-sponsored entities. Such agencies were created to reduce borrowing costs for certain sectors of the economy, such as agriculture.
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Agency Securities

1. Debt instruments issued by government sponsored entities, especially mortgage-backed securities from Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac, and the Federal Home Loan Banks. Because each of those organizations is sponsored by the U.S. government, agency securities are implicitly guaranteed, and, in the case of Ginnie Mae, are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. As such, agency securities have historically had high credit ratings, though they were criticized for an alleged role in the 2007-08 credit crunch.

2. An alternative term for government sponsored entities.
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Government Agency securities, municipal securities, commercial paper, corporate bonds, repurchase agreements, shares in certain money market funds, shares in other Colorado LGIP funds inclusive of other funds offered by the Trust, and Public Deposit Protection Act eligible bank deposits.
The company also offers various loans and additionally owns a low income senior citizen housing facility that offers apartments for rent in Kentucky, besides, it invests in the US government agency securities, municipal and corporate bonds, collateral mortgages obligations and mortgage-backed securities.
M&M Financial's investment services include strategic alliances with private banking divisions at a global capacity, investments into emerging capital markets seen fit by relationship bankers and active broker dealers, CDs, annuities, US Treasury Securities, US Government Agency Securities, hybrid annuities, diverse portfolio product placements, private placements, and investment grade corporate bonds investments.
And to the extent that corporate treasurers buy Treasury or government agency securities directly, rather than investing via money funds, they contribute to the supply shortfall, he said.
Treasury and government agency securities, structured products such as CLOs and CDOs, whole loans, and other securities.
Treasury and government agency securities are now estimated to comprise $1.25 trillion of China's American portfolio.
government agency securities, (7) LT corporate securities (some of which are asset-backed), equities (such as stocks), and short term debt.
He describes the basics of debt instruments and bond pricing concepts, the risk factors, microeconomics, economic variables in forecasting, the yield curve, money market instruments, US Treasury and government agency securities, municipal and corporate bonds, emerging markets, distressed debt securities, mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities, preferred stock, derivative products and applications, and the management of a fixed income portfolio.
Redwood, with total consolidated assets of $946 thousand, underwrites and deals in limited types of securities, including municipal and government agency securities, and provides securities brokerage services.(4)
For example, government agency securities have been a good way to add yield to a portfolio in the past, but the incremental yield offered by agency securities versus Treasuries is low right now--10 basis points or less in most instances.
government agency securities are an acceptable investment.
The fund is a diversified closed-end management investment company that seeks to provide shareholders with current income and gains by investing primarily in a portfolio of the US Government securities and the US Government Agency securities. BlackRock Advisors LLC is its investment adviser.

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