Government Accountability Office

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Government Accountability Office (GAO)

An investigative arm of Congress, formerly called the General Accounting Office. Members of Congress may request a wide variety of reports, analyses, and raw data,which is supplied in a nonpartisan manner by the GAO.It also recommends actions to be taken by Congress as a result of findings in the reports. Its Web site,, contains an excellent search engine to find reports on housing,financial services,and natural resources,to name a few topics.

A few interesting reports related to real estate include

• ‘'Financial Institutions: Issues Regarding the Tax-Exempt Status of Credit Unions” (impor- tant because credit unions usually offer lower interest rates because of their tax-exempt status, but banks are crying “no fair” over the situation.)
• ‘'Real Estate Brokerage: Various Factors May Affect Price Competition”
• ‘'Title Insurance: Preliminary Views and Issues for Further Study”
• ‘'Catastrophe Risk: U.S. and European Approaches to Insure Natural Catastrophe and Terrorism Risks”
• ‘'Consumer Protection: Federal and State Agencies Face Challenges in Combating Predatory Lending”
• ‘'Residential Care Facilities Mortgage Insurance Program: Opportunities to Improve Program and Risk Management”
• ‘'Public Housing: Information on the Roles of HUD, Public Housing Agencies, Capital Markets, and Service Organizations”
• ‘'Elderly Housing: Federal Housing Programs and Supportive Services”

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The Government Accountability Office warned in January that if other large companies like United decided to ditch their pensions, then the finances of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation would be in grave jeopardy.
That's because the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that only a paltry 4% of the responses it received in 300 test calls to 34 call centers were correct and complete.
Government Accountability Office rejected IBM's (IBM) challenge to the Pentagon's $10B Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract after the company argued the single award competition violated procurement statues and regulations and the Pentagon failed to evaluate possible conflicts of interest, Bloomberg reports, citing the ruling.
Team: Government Accountability Office: Homeland Security and Justice
The Government Accountability Office says it is the twenty-seventh year in the past 30 that Congress has failed to approve appropriations before the beginning of the new fiscal year on Oct.
Federal and state governments need to do more to prepare for possible pandemic flu, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said after reviewing the H1N1 flu outbreak.
According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), declining revenues generated by the excise taxes that fund the Airport and Airway Trust Fund may mean a cutback in DOT aviation programs.
Following the release of a Government Accountability Office report highlighting "significant deficiencies" in USDA's civil rights performance, Senate Agriculture Chairman Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Sens.
An audit by the Government Accountability Office estimated that--counter to current regulations--at least 422 former Defense Department officials could have worked on defense contracts related to their former agencies and that at least nine could have worked on the same contracts for which they had oversight responsibilities in their government jobs.
Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report that raised concerns about the effectiveness of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Administration for Children and Families' (ACF) oversight of about 1,600 local organizations that receive nearly $7 billion in Head Start grants.
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