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He said carpet association has prepared comprehensive proposals to boost exports and will share with the gov't. He said the gov't should convene an all parties meeting of all stakeholders to prepare a national policy to promote exporters.
GOV'T WATCH also pointed out that future leaders must be emphatic- or attuned to the feelings, wants and needs of the people.
Building a reputation as a tight, high energy band with a knack for extended improvisational jams, Gov't Surplus seamlessly threads multiple tunes into medleys of several songs while laying down a danceable groove that refuses to let you sit still.
Moon wrote that Gov't Mule's 2000 album "Life Before Insanity" already showed "greater attention to songwriting detail and more disarmingly earnest hooks" than before:
Century Turget Maturity 2015 -12.68 -13.68 (BTFTX) Wasatch-Hoisingtan U.S Treasury -10.52 -10.83 (WHOSX) Long-Term Gov't Bond Fund Averages -6.16 -6.04 5-Year 12-month Total Return Yield Amer.