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Gosbank (Gosudarustvennyi Bank SSSR: the State bank of the Soviet Union), which combined the roles of a central bank and a commercial bank, dominated the Soviet monetary economy.
He said: "I find it absolutely bewildering because RBS occupies the same status in the economy as Gosbank did in the Soviet Union: it's a state-owned bank.
Either it could step in and provide an enormous amount of credit directly to households and firms (much like Gosbank, the Soviet Union's central bank), or it could stand by idly while GDP falls 20-30 percent - the magnitude of decline that we have seen in modern economies when credit suddenly dries up.
The currency equivalent of gold sold to the Gosbank for purposes other than repayment of Republican debts was transferred to the Soviet bank in Paris (BCEN) where the Republican government had opened a network of accounts.
Viktor Yushenko comenzo su carrera en el gran banco sovietico Gosbank, el cual se desintegro en los anos finales de la Union de Republicas Socialistas Sovieticas (URSS).
The size of the country and the late introduction of an electronic payment system have made it difficult to manage the take-over from Gosbank, whose subsidiaries used to be responsible for all inter-bank payments.
Hence the Gosbank and its sister banks operated as monitors of financial and transfer flows and not as active determinants of monetary policy or as active participants in investment decisions.
The former head of Gosbank, the Soviet central bank, Gerashchenko has vowed to keep the printing presses rolling, pumping billions more rubles into Russia's already inflated economy.
This is followed by an article by Rutgaizer, Shmarov and Kirichenko and with an interview with the Chairman of the USSR State Committee for Prices and the Board Chairman of Gosbank.
Victor Gerashchenko, former chairman of the Gosbank (the central bank of the USSR) was likewise seen as confirming earlier moves to ease somewhat the attempted credit squeeze on industry.
Several of the Soviet Republics, for example, are seeking greater control over intrare-public operations of Gosbank (the Soviet central bank).
Viktor Gerashchenko, chairman of Gosbank, said that the sales will include gold and other unspecified commodities, but not oil or gas.