good title

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Clear Title

The title to a property where there are no competing claims, liens, or anything else that would hinder its transfer. That is, if a property has undisputed ownership, its owner is said to have clear title. An owner with clear title may sell the property without any legal difficulties. Generally speaking, a real estate broker researches a property to ensure that there are no competing claims. See also: Quitclaim deed, Title search.

good title

See good and marketable title.

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Owen Scott JUNIORS THE top divisions in the East and West are shaping up to be good title races.
No doubt certain occupations may need training and to call them trainees would be a good title but - no disrespect to them - they cannot be classified in the same way as a time-served tradesman.
In this situation, the buyer of the goods does not get good title to the goods (ie does not own them) because the goods belong to the finance company.
They wouldn't necessarily be able to read it all themselves, but it is a very good title to share with a parent or teacher.
There's a game show in there somewhere, The Lie Of The Land might be a good title.
BONUS: What would be a good title for this article?
The question was whether, since the gallery owner was held to be a mercantile agent, he had given a good title to the purchaser of the gallery for those pictures which belonged to the consigning artists.
To give you a good title tag example, let's say that you're a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Santa Barbara, Calif.
Naively, perhaps, the organising team thought "Social Media Week Liverpool" would be a good title.
Going back to witness great moments of history like the Battle of Hastings - "Keep your head down, Harold" - or to visit Haworth in 1846 and suggest to Emily Bronte that Wuthering Heights would be a good title for a novel.
A good title won't make or break a project's chances at getting on the air.
I am hopeful that the administrator will be able to resolve it one way or the other, and if and when he sells it, it will be with a good title, but we didn't want to go further without a good title.