Good money

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Good money

Federal funds that clear on the same day, unlike clearinghouse funds, which require three days to clear.

Good Money

1. Federal funds that are transferred over the fed wire and are received by the recipient bank on the same day. Good money contrasts with clearinghouse funds, which are not received for three days.

2. See: Sound money.
References in classic literature ?
I never wasted good money of mine, nor lost it neither; and I'll trick 'em again.
If I could once ketch that consarned old thief," exclaimed Abner righteously, "I'd make him dance,--workin' off a stolen sleigh on me an' takin' away my good money an' cider press, to say nothin' o' my character
And curious it was, I decided, this whim of nature that made men happy in spending good money for beer for a fellow like me who didn't want it.
What should I do--I, who have paid my good money for him?
My daughter," exclaimed my guide, "I have brought you the famous dog belonging to the baker which can tell good money from bad.
You never got anywhere working for your relatives, he said, so when he was a journeyman he went to Vienna and worked in a big fur shop, earning good money.
Peter Winn, SIR: I send you respectfully by express a pigeon worth good money.
I make good money, an' you wouldn't want for anything.
He is here, good sir, waiting your pleasure, here in London, walking the streets at noonday; carrying it off jauntily; looking for you, I swear,' said Ralph, his face darkening, and his own hatred getting the upper hand of him, for the first time, as this gay picture of Nicholas presented itself; 'if we were only citizens of a country where it could be safely done, I'd give good money to have him stabbed to the heart and rolled into the kennel for the dogs to tear.
The good money which the community paid out for him should enable him to riot in luxury instead of rotting in dungeons.
When I pay good money for a good article there should be an end of the business; but it's 'Where are the geese?
His proper trade's a navvy; and he works at it sometimes too--for exercise--and earns good money at it.