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Bona Fide

In law, belief that a statement or act is made or done honestly and with no ill intent, even if ill effect results. Liability for ill effect may be lessened or eliminated if the statement or act causing it was bona fide. The term is Latin for "in good faith," and the concept is sometimes referred to in this way.
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good faith


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Finally, TEI suggested that the IRS announce interim relief permitting employers (and other payers) to use a reasonable, good faith effort to comply with their withholding obligations.
The Direct Marketing Association has issued a news release, "Recommendations to Cope with Attack Aftermath," but the best you can call it is a "good faith effort." It includes such suggestions as:
has made a good faith effort to comply, and that Malaysia has never expressed or made known its interest or intent to be certified to export shrimp products to the U.S.
The court held, inter alia, that the report constituted a good faith effort to provide a fair summary of the expert's opinion.
State Green Parties shall make a good faith effort, where reasonable, to have delegates to the National Committee elected by clusters of local groups.
House speaker Dennis Hastert said that he was seeking to craft a balanced measure, and House minority whip David Bonior called it a "good faith effort to bridge the gap."
Was their purpose to build a case for good faith effort? Who can say?
Bidders need only show that they've made a "good faith effort" to meet the state's participation goals.
At the October 31 meeting, OSHA staff indicated that the agency will exercise its enforcement discretion in cases where a regulated entity (ACA member company) has performed their due diligence and made a good faith effort to obtain the necessary information to comply with the June 1, 2015 deadline, but is unable to do so.
If the taxpayer and the IRS agree to an issue-focused examination, there must be a good faith effort by both parties to fulfill all their commitments in that regard.
Second, making a good faith effort to respond to opposition demands will reduce the authority of opponents as the approval process reaches the stage of critical votes and decisions.