credit history

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Credit history

A record of how a person has borrowed and repaid debt.
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Credit History

A record of one's payment history on current and previous debt. If one makes payments on time and does not acquire an excessive amount of debt, one's credit history is likely to be good. This makes an individual a good risk if he/she wishes to borrow more money. On the other hand, if one has a history of late payments and/or default, the individual is likely to be a bad risk and may be denied credit. One's FICO score is a measure of one's credit history.
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credit history

An individual's history and experience regarding repayment of loans and use of revolving credit such as credit cards.

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Faysal Islamic Savings Growth Fund, an open end mutual fund, seeks to provide maximum possible preservation of capital and a reasonable rate of return via investing in Shariah Compliant money market and debt securities having good credit quality rating and liquidity.
The launch of RLLR is intended to help the bank provide home loans of above INR3.0m to INR7.5m at 8.25 percent for borrowers with a good credit score.
If your own credit is too poor to get a personal loan, consider using someone else with good credit as a cosigner.
With a historic credit innovation that is already changing MSMEs' lending story, Nigeria's largest retail bank says all that MSME customer needs to access credit is just to keep a good credit record, be able to keep sales record and be assisted with managerial support services from the bank.
The medium to long-term rating of "A-" denotes good credit quality with adequate protection factors.
"I believe, in general, when we make credit decisions, we should be able to weather the storm in good times or bad: A good credit decision is a good credit decision.
The long term rating of A- signifies good credit quality with adequate protection factors.
Similarly, a credit card is the quickest way to build a good credit history, but without a good credit history it's hard to get a credit card.
Marwan Ahmed Lutfi, CEO of AECB said: "In addition to banks, finance companies and Telecom companies, several non-financial institutions are currently using AECB's Credit Reports and Scores and other innovative value-added products to better manage credit risk and reward payments with good credit history.
Having a good credit score is crucial when seeking a loan.
Washington, DC, February 14, 2016 --( Drivers who, regardless of income, have a good credit history are now being forced to pay far more and subsidize drivers who, regardless of income, have bad credit, claims public interest law professor John Banzhaf.