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Clear title

Title to ownership that is untainted by any claims on the property or disputed interests, and therefore available for sale. This is usually checked through a title search by a title company.

Clear Title

The title to a property where there are no competing claims, liens, or anything else that would hinder its transfer. That is, if a property has undisputed ownership, its owner is said to have clear title. An owner with clear title may sell the property without any legal difficulties. Generally speaking, a real estate broker researches a property to ensure that there are no competing claims. See also: Quitclaim deed, Title search.

clear title

Good title; marketable title; title to real property without any defects, liens, mortgages or adverse claimants.

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After a long pause, Raynelle said, "Gee, I don't know any good titles .
Suggested good titles will be pinned to a noticeboard, and new books will be available along with free booklists and a reservation card for every birthday visitor.
But "developers need a year to play with and test a system before they can come out with really good titles,"he said.
As you all know, good titles are hard to come up with.
I still order paperback copies of good titles and pass them on to teaching friends.
Nowadays, only good titles and "sleepers" that perform well in theaters have a chance to make it into home video stores.
SEATTLE -- DragonBox+, created by WeWantToKnow for At Home Learning, was awarded Best of Show at the 2012 International Serious Play Awards, a program honoring exceptional examples of corporate, military, school/at home learning and games for good titles.
While it is sad to see the shows go, it simply means there's more room for new and equally good titles (http://www.
Whenever I stumble upon good titles, I feel the urge to "adopt" them instead of "purchase" themthe feeling of having the desire to give them a home than the economic capacity to own them.
Panasonic and Goldstar have bundled good titles at the initial price point and this gets people interested, Link's Miao said, but the real test will come when the novelty period wears off, after several months of ownership.
com/en-US/games/xbox-one) list of games available , but the list does feature a number of good titles.