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GOLDEN HANDCUFFS Shareholders in commodities trader Glencore have overwhelmingly approved its long-awaited $31 billion takeover of miner Xstrata, paving the way for one of the largest tie-ups in the sector to date.
has signed a six-figure golden handcuffs deal to keep him on the cobbles until 2013.
The golden handcuffs deal, which also sees Topping's basic salary increase by pounds 60,000 to pounds 600,000, accomplished its goal of dissuading him from considering retirement, but also threatens to further alienate those investors already angry over the financial rewards enjoyed by those at the top of the business.
In the Golden Handcuffs concept, the employer is the owner, beneficiary, and the premium payer of a whole life insurance policy on a key employee's life, in which they have an insurable interest.
Simon's pounds 20m golden handcuffs deal with ITV is set to expire in December.
What I said was I felt golden handcuffs have to be put on the next Scotland manager," he said.
GORDON RAMSAY has signed a four-year golden handcuffs deal with Channel 4.
Generally, golden handcuffs prevent the executive from taking plan benefits until he or she has worked for the company for a specified amount of time.
I would like to correct some of the misleading statements in the article, "Loosening the Golden Handcuffs," which appeared in the July/August edition of The Washington Monthly.
Ordinarily used in addition to such plans, a golden handcuffs agreement offers post-employment bonus payments to the association executive as an inducement to remain employed by the association for an extended period of time, hence handcuffing him or her to the position until a designated time.
During a corporate slump, repricing options can be an effective and inexpensive means of providing employees with incentives and keeping their golden handcuffs secure.
The contract amounts to ``huge golden handcuffs,'' said Disney director Raymond L.