gold certificate

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Gold certificate

Certificate of an investor that shows proof of ownership of gold bullion.

Gold Certificate

A document entitling one to ownership of a certain, stated amount of gold. Most of the time, gold investors hold gold certificates rather than the physical gold itself in order to avoid the expense, security issues, and other difficulties associated with owning gold. However, the holder of the gold certificate can take possession of the gold he/she owns upon demand.

gold certificate

A receipt of ownership for a stated quantity of gold. A certificate, usually issued by a major bank, allows an investor to own gold without actually taking possession of the metal. A commission is generally charged at the time of purchase.
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In 1933, President Franklin D Roosevelt ordered that all gold certificates must be returned to the US Treasury, making the tracing of their ownership easier.
The Gold Certificates are issued in lieu of gold bars with specific gold bar numbers, and are available in denominations of 100 grams, 500 grams and 1kg, in purity of 995 as well as 999.
During the last 12 months Park Hall has been working very closely with the Solihull Young Carers Service and has just been awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates.
Their activities are recorded in a Passport to Learning, and they can work towards bronze, silver and gold certificates, culminating in a graduation ceremony at QMU.
Roosevelt took the United States off the Gold Standard and confiscated all monetary gold in the country, exchanging gold certificates for it.
The overall results reflected steady improvement in the North East, with 26 villages, towns and cities achieving gold certificates, and over 100 special awards were awarded the gold standard.
In principle, there was instead daily settlement across regional banks using gold certificates, but in practice "interclistrict accommodation operations" took place and balances did build up over time.
Gold can also be bought as an investment in the form of coins and small bars, gold certificates, gold-backed securities or gold-oriented funds, in which investors can buy shares of mining companies.
Others said the SBV should issue gold certificates and establish a national gold trading floor.
Institutions would now issue only short-term gold certificates to pay customers upon request.
Gold Certificates were awarded to the participants who finished 108 rounds of 12 Suryanamaskar asanas and Certificates of Participation were awarded to others.
Gold certificates were awarded to 6 per cent of entrants, the statement said.