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See chart on performance of gold funds vis- a- vis other funds).
6 billion from gold funds in 2013, the most in data going back through 2000, according to EPFR Global, a research company.
The lower prices have failed to boost physical demand in Asia, traditionally the biggest buyer of gold, and investors have continued to flee exchange-traded gold funds.
In New York, investors are dumping gold funds at the fastest pace in two years in favour of equities, compounding a slump that has wiped $560 billion from the value of central bank reserves.
Investors are said to be dumping gold funds in favour of equities, and so far the slump in prices is believed to have wiped out USD560bn from the value of central bank reserves.
Other factors that contributed to gold's weakness included weak retail sales figures from the US as well as the continued outflow from exchange-traded gold funds.
Gold funds dedicated to the precious metal, not physical holdings, are favoured by some advisers.
Indeed many gold funds outperformed physical gold (in sterling terms) during August.
GLD and IAU are the largest gold funds in the United States and hold over $76 billion of investor assets.
But Emerging Markets Bond Funds suffered another week of outflows, as did two other groups -- Germany Equity and Gold Funds -- that have acquired some 'safe haven' credentials in recent months.
In the foreseeable future, Polaris SITC will introduce ETFs (exchange traded funds), index-type funds, futures trust funds, commodities funds, gold funds to the China market.
You can invest in gold in a number of ways - by buying the stuff itself (sovereigns, Krugerrands or gold bars), or by investing in shares in gold mining companies or in gold funds.