going short

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Going short

Selling stock that an investor does not own by borrowing shares from a broker. The assumption is that the price will fall. The investor anticipates buying (covering the short) the shares back at a lower price than what they were sold for, recognizing the difference as a profit. Antithesis of going long.

Go Short

To take a short position. That is, one goes short when one conducts a short sale, writes an option, sells a futures contract, or sells any other security where further action may be necessary. See also: Go long.

going short

Selling an investment asset that is not owned. An example of such an asset would be shares of stock you borrowed through your broker. Going short means you owe what you have sold.
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Fight minutes can be sold at the midway point of the fourth round, and with a maximum make-up of 18 if Khan is taken the distance for the second successive fight, the risk of going short looks well worth taking.
Going short or long of batsman's runs seems crazy when the outcome of the toss is so crucial.
We don't want him to feel he's going short of our love when a new baby comes along.