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The marketing of new securities, usually through sales to institutional investors. See: Float.


The act or process of selling a new issue of a security to investors. Most of the time, a placement must be registered with the SEC before it can actually take place. See also: Private placement.


To sell a new securities issue.


an aspect of DISTRIBUTION concerned with ensuring that a firm's products are available for consumers to purchase at appropriate locations.


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The Going Places Together campaign plays on the theme of achieving great things together whether for work, for family or for adventure, and encourages passengers to take journeys that will help them achieve their dreams and ambitions.
The statement added: "We can confirm that the store closure proposals have the potential to reduce the number of roles in the combined network (Thomas Cook stores and Going Places stores) by around 730.
Thomson was fined pounds 11,500 and Going Places pounds 6,000 for inaccurate prices on their adverts.
MyTravel said: "In view of the continuing growth of our internet sales the board has decided to bring forward its planned realignment of its distribution channels and close 110 Going Places shops in November 2005.
Going Places has another shop in Middlesbrough along with sites in Coulby Newham, Guisborough, Hartlepool, Redcar and at Teesside Park, Stockton.
The McKays were outraged when Airtours, sister firm of Going Places at the resort, said moving apartments would cost pounds 150.
Going Places, based at Walsgrave's Asda store, won the award ahead of 640 branches in the country.
Holidaymakers have sparked a major upsurge in trips from the city's airport, according to travel agents Going Places.
They are really going places, and it is great to be a part of it.
A lot of time has gone into going places and collecting data that at least in hindsight could have been used more effectively elsewhere," says Joseph F.