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I started, really, as a technical support person, a gofer, and overtime began assuming increasing responsibility for new developments in the tri-state area."
Perry, competing in the team event on the final day of action, teamed up with Israeli team partner Asaf Gofer as they powered to success.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: ergo; erigeron; erne; erring; fern; finer; finger; fire; firer; fore; foreign; FOREIGNER; forge; forger; free; freeing; freer; fringe; froe; frog; genre; girn; giro; goer; gofer; goner; gore; gorier; green; grief; grin; groin; ignore; ignorer; infer; inro; iron; ironer; noir; nori; ogre; orfe; reef; reefing; refer; refine; refiner; region; reign; rein; rife; rigor; ring; ringer; roger.
Currently, it is trialling the trolibocs in 4,000 homes so residents in seven areas can use it for their cans, plastic, glass, paper and cardboard but it is set to be expanded to all 50,000 Conwy households - some getting recycling boxes for the very first time - next year, sparking a massive influx of more recyclable waste to the council's recycling depot at Gofer near Abergele.
While the sly spiv was worried that Jean being given a job by the company's "executive director of operations" - aka gofer Billy Mitchell - would bring her too close to Janine, he needn't have.
As a youngster he was recognised as the class clown, but had a passion for performance and eventually moved to Hollywood, where he earned a living working as a gofer for animation giants William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.
The bulking station at Gofer on Rhuddlan Road, Abergele, will also take cardboard and plastic - it already handles paper, glass and cans.
The singer also brought her own toilet roll to the studio and even had a gofer walk backwards in front of her - in case she fell over.
THIS comedy thriller is set in the 1970s, featuring Scotland Yard's most objectionable, yet loveable, fictional detective - Chief Inspector Wilfred Dover (Kenneth Cranham) and his long-suffering gofer, Sergeant MacGregor (Stuart McQuarrie).
James North, Whitby's incredibly posh gofer, will not be dressing up.
Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization president Chapin was then a wide-eyed 20-year-old gofer, and the journal he kept while working on the show's rehearsals, Boston tryout and New York premiere forms the basis of an intelligent, informative book.
He now has four jobs - point-to-point stipendiary steward, an expert witness in litigation often working for insurance companies, secretary of the Irish Landowners' Organisation and a "gofer" in a golf course construction project.