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General Obligation Bond

In the United States, a municipal bond in which the issuing locality pledges to use all revenues at its disposal to pay bondholders, including the raising of property taxes. Should a sufficient number of residents not pay their property taxes that it impacts revenue for bondholders, the terms of the bond legally require the municipality to raise property taxes to make up the shortfall. There are two basic types of general obligation bonds. A limited GO allows for the raising of property taxes up to a certain percentage, while an unlimited GO theoretically allows the municipality to levy taxes of up to 100% of a property's value. Because an unlimited GO provides a great incentive to pay property tax on time, and because many states only allow such a bond to be issued following a vote on the matter, credit ratings agencies usually rate them higher. However, both types of GO are generally rated highly.


To trade, especially at a given price. For example, one may say that a stock "goes" at $10, meaning that one may trade at its current share price of $10.


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SO far my Go Slow has succeeded in just one thing - raising everyone's blood pressure.
CALL ME!!!" I send a text back: "What's the big rush?" This is one aspect of the Go Slow I could really get behind.
HSBC (LSE: HSBA) has announced that it would go slow on retail loans in India.
And help could be at hand thanks to some laidback Italians and their Go Slow movement, which meanders over here this month.
The move comes just a month after the Daily Post highlighted the call for "go slow" zones outside schools across North Wales.
"He likes the sand because they go at a pace that suits him and he's not fighting for his head, like he does when they go slow on the grass," said Smart.
PARENTS took part in a "go slow" on Wirral's roads yesterday to protest against cuts to school bus service funding.
Brynle Williams is making matters worse by proclaiming that "the fuel protest could escalate." He knows that the oil crisis is the knock-on effect of the Iraq war and the hurricane Katrina, The course of action the protesters are going to take is a go slow on the M4.
Wildlife experts have warned people to go slow while boating on the river.
The Association last took action on fuel prices in September 2000 when it staged go slows on a number of major routes across the country as part of a Europe-wide protest over the rising costs of fuel.