Go short

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Go Short

To take a short position. That is, one goes short when one conducts a short sale, writes an option, sells a futures contract, or sells any other security where further action may be necessary. See also: Go long.

Go short.

When you enter a futures contract that commits you to sell or deliver the underlying product, you go short or have a short position.

You're also going short when you write an options contract, giving the buyer the right to exercise the contract. With stocks, you go short when you borrow shares of stock through your broker and sell them at their current market price.

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If that happens, then look to go short against the high.
Since my win, I haven't had to worry about cash and I know no member of my family will ever go short again.
I don't think on the day of a match you can say, 'Well I'll go short today', it's something you have to train and try to adapt to.
I don't think he will go short of a fish supper or two for a while.
Nobody wants to see you go short, Ma'am, but they have picked a bad moment to ask.
The surge in long orders suggests that crowd sentiment has seen a noteworthy shift and would normally give us contrarian signal to go short, but we remain cautious on unpredictable price action.
Put them on your CV and you'll never go short of a job in a bookies, although quite why you would want to work brutal hours for largely peanut pay is a question you should ask yourself, along with "do any of these bloody pens work?