Go public

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Going Public

The act or process of a company selling stock in itself when it moves from private ownership to public trade. More generally, it refers to the actual first sale of stock to the public. Small companies looking for a new source of financing often go public, but large companies who wish to be publicly traded can do so as well. Investing in a company that is going public is generally risky because one does not know how much demand will exist for the stock after its initial offering. This risk comes from the uncertainty of the stock's resale value. See also: Publicly-traded company.

Go public.

A corporation goes public when it issues shares of its stock in the open market for the first time, in what is known as an initial public offering (IPO).

That means that at least some of the shares will be held by members of the public rather than exclusively by the investors who founded and funded the corporation initially or the current owners or management.

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Those who said they were "very likely" to go public were substantially larger: an average of $21.
In December 1996, it conjoined what was then Monterrey Homes with Homeplex Mortgage, a publicly listed real estate investment trust (REIT), rather than go public conventionally.
may have been the first black-owned Wall Street firm to go public, it likely won't be the last.
He said that 8 out of 10 family businesses that go public end up restructuring compensation arrangements.
Ernst & Young (212-773-3000), the Big Six accounting firm, has published an informative booklet Deciding To Go Public.
Almost one in five of the country's fastest growing companies surveyed by Coopers & Lybrand said they were "very likely" to go public in the next few years.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Right now is the best time to go public, and with Going Public, LLC(R), the recognized industry leader, the credit crunch does not exist.
Red flags include: a sense that the founder wants to bail out, a company's insistence that it needs to go public right now and a merger before a public issue that may itself raise problems.
The products are as varied as the companies offering them, but the goal is the same: Raise money, launch your product, go public or be acquired.
The other reason was to set an example that a blackowned bank could go public and trade on the stock exchange," he adds.
Many people think that you need to be a large company like Google or Yahoo to go public or do an IPO Initial Public Offering.
Early demutualization successes may make it easier for other companies to go public.