Multinational corporation

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Multinational corporation (MNC)

A firm that operates in more than one country.

Multinational Corporation

A corporation that maintains assets and/or operations in more than one country. A multinational corporation often has a long supply chain that may, for example, require the acquisition of raw materials in one country, a product's manufacture in a second country, and its retail sale in a third country. A multinational often globally manages its operations from a main office in its home country. Multinational corporations are controversial among groups such as environmentalists and worker advocates, who claim that multinationals exploit resources and employees. On the other hand, proponents argue that multinationals create wealth in every country where they operate, which ultimately benefits workers as well as shareholders.
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It's clear that facility expansion is on the minds of many global corporations.
By appreciating what keeps these global corporations awake at night, not so large businesses can also learn to survive and prosper.
The presence of global corporations in emerging economies is clearly beneficial to the poor.
You make a difference today by using globalization--by mobilizing the power of trade, of the Internet, and of consumers to persuade, or embarrass, global corporations and nations to upgrade their standards.
International cooperation to make tax-avoidance more difficult and collective efforts to regulate the trillions of dollars of global money that slosh back and forth are essential if the global corporations that increasingly shape the new world order are to be made accountable to democratic authority.
Since 1980, Christian & Timbers has been the performance-driven executive search firm serving Fortune 1000, NASDAQ, FTSE 100, CAC 40, DAX and other leading global corporations.
Global Corporations for Transparency International (GCTI) is a program for the private sector to support TI's anti-corruption efforts.
The growth in engineering services signifies the need for global corporations to expand their R&D pool beyond their home countries.
Currently, many global corporations shipping goods across borders have yet to automate their qualification processes, creating a very complicated and costly scenario that leaves large amounts of duty savings unclaimed," said Rajiv Uppal, founder, president and CEO of NextLinx Corporation.
com) is an independent design agency with 25 years of experience helping global corporations create, develop and manage their brands seamlessly across print and interactive media.
Labor's view is that the implementation of CAFTA, like NAFTA before it, will expand the privileges of global corporations at the expense of working families and the environment.

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