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"Everything we do before cutting a thread on tubing and during machining is aimed at eliminating any possibility of a mistake--simply because these are high-value added products for our customers," explains Glanders. Before the thread is even cut, a mold of the thread is made in rubber to check whether it falls within tolerance using an optical comparator, says Glanders.
Editorial Note: Glanders is a bacterial infection caused by the Gram-negative rod, B.
"For whatever reason, I was extremely lucky, I started winning and I cleaned everybody out," Glanders says, a grin beginning to appear on his youthful face.
Glanders. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [cited 2014 Sep 25].
"Restrictions on movement of horses from north to south have been removed and screening for glanders has also come to an end," he said.
"At the end of the day we know that they are doing it," said Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Ministry glanders committee independent monitor Britta Tappendorf.
Incensed by President Wilson's claim of American neutrality during World War I, while selling munitions and horses to Germany's enemies (England and France), Dilger performed espionage for Germany by cultivating anthrax and glanders (a germ that killed horses quickly and in large numbers) in his Chevy Chase home, six miles from the White House.
The Voluntary Remediation Program is designed to help property owners who are stuck with land they can't sell because of environmental contamination, says Geoff Glanders, president of August Mack Environmental Inc.
The court said the Delhi government had the liberty to stop equine activity if it found any incident of Glanders (an infectious disease affecting horses).
The Federation conformed that the contests will resume on the Military Sports Grounds in Raffa area in Sakhir, after the ban which was imposed on all five governorates in the Kingdom due to Glanders disease has been removed.
It's been nearly three years since the deadly equine disease glanders struck Bahrain, which has meant a lot of different things for different people.
We have had the issue of glanders, issues about the import of diseased animals and claims that incorrect inoculations had been prescribed for bovines.