gross leasable area

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gross leasable area (GLA)

A total amount of floor space available for rental to tenants; typically encountered in the retail development industry,although it also applies to office space.
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Mercedes claims the engine in the GLA 45 AMG to be the most powerful series-production four-cylinder turbo engine in the world
Despite its relatively small size the GLA has a big car feel - both in the cabin and out on the road.
The GLA is a comfortable car to be in, cabin noise is very quiet and has spacious seats in the front.
It is quick to downshift and this ensures that the GLA sprints towards the horizon without much delay.
And just like on the A-Class the GLA interior is a class act, with the black of the dashboard nicely broken up by the large brushed aluminium feature panel.
The four-wheel drive Mercedes GLA has a sportscar-like feel
There are four models to choose from - the entry-level GLA 200 CDI, 220 CDI, GLA 250 petrol and the GLA 45 AMG.
The GLA is the third of the new A-Class derived models to be launched.
ROADING entered a new dimension when Mercedes took three of its new GLA compact SUVs 550ft underground.
With two-wheel drive options and surprising efficiency, thanks in part to excellent aerodynamics, the GLA is built more obviously for the road than any prior Mercedes G-series car.
Says GLA ALA Board President Shaun Morrison of the event, “The Employment Law Forum is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the most cutting-edge knowledge in the industry for 2013 so that our members continue to demonstrate the utmost of excellence in their profession as administrators.