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Parasites species studied were found among the above considered gill regions, their infection rate and the mean cyst load are respectively presented in Figure 2 and Table 1.
But Mr Gill is arguing that with the Brexit vote the situation has changed, and that it makes sense for him to remain as an MEP until the UK leaves the EU.
On March 4, 2016, New York State Police stopped Gill in Clinton, New York following citizen complaints that his commercial truck was being operated in an erratic manner.
The book quotes Gill as saying that Badal discussed Punjab's problems with him as they were neighbours.
Now Gill, who regularly walks her sheep on leashes with the help of two family friends, Dawn and Harry, says she wants to buy a new home for the animals.
Mr Gill and his staff would like to wish all his customers, old and new, a very happy Easter They look forward to seeing you on Good Friday
He said he took the spade, hit Mr Gill to the back with the flat of it, kicked him up the backside and told him to go.
Jackie immediately phoned an ambulance for Gill, whose dad had died three weeks earlier.
Gill posted bail and soon left the courthouse with his mother.