geographic information system

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geographic information system (GIS)

A computer mapping program in which land characteristics and/or demographic information may be revealed and printed as color-coded overlays.

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It includes metering, substation automation, computer applications, two-way communications, geospatial information systems and other improvements.
is a fast-growing, award-winning information technology firm specializing in Software Engineering, Business Intelligence, Systems Engineering and Integration, Web Portals and Content Management Systems, Enterprise Search, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Remote and Telework Solutions, and Hosting and Cloud Services.
Tenders are invited for Geospatial Information Systems Assessment.
Technology Associates partners with government and commercial agencies that require development of systems, such as communication systems, asset management, network deployment and engineering services, power and energy management solutions, portal applications, command and control, and geospatial information systems (GIS) to operate more efficiently and profitably.
As a follow up to this article I wanted to explore what users expect from Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) in the cloud or GIS-as-a-Service:
The City%s history with Geospatial Information Systems ("GIS") began in the mid 1990%s.
NT Concepts provides public and private organizations with leading edge information technology services including custom application development, geospatial information systems, and tailored eLearning solutions.
We are excited to partner with OnAsset and combine our expertise in geospatial information systems with their expertise in M2M applications," says Jonathan Pollack, Sr.
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