geographic information system

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geographic information system (GIS)

A computer mapping program in which land characteristics and/or demographic information may be revealed and printed as color-coded overlays.

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In this sample paper, we have presented the baseline network data model and designed structure of the Geographic Information System. Using motion database have managed real time traffic information in order to realize real time Geographic Information System for Transformation.
"(A geographic information system) allows us to identify populations at risk and visualize how CDC needs to respond," said Kinkade, who is a consultant deployed to CDC.
The adjacent neighbors for each county were determined by using a geographic information system (GIS, ArcView 3.2, ESRI, Redlands, CA).
The server uses technologies of the Geographic Information System to make it successful--all data elements in the server have an assigned latitude and longitude coordinate.
All of this data will be merged in a platform called the Virtual Geographic Information System, previously developed by the project's lead researchers.
The data will all be merged on a platform called the Virtual Geographic Information System, previously developed by the project's lead researchers.
Other studies deal with a wide variety of topics such as developing lessons-learned methodologies, humanitarian demining requirements analysis, health resources in the global landmine community, an evaluation of geographic information systems available to meet demining management needs, and a nominal mine awareness module for Mozambique that can be modified for other countries.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 17, 2017-Warren Equity Partners Acquires Geographic Information Systems Integrator SSP Innovations
US-based middle market private equity firm Warren Equity Partners has acquired a majority stake in US-based geographic information systems integrator SSP Innovations, LLC, the company said.
The fourth edition of this comprehensive guide to planning and implementing geographic information systems (GIS) provides practical instructions and a collection of best practices for businesses small and large.
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