geographic information system

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geographic information system (GIS)

A computer mapping program in which land characteristics and/or demographic information may be revealed and printed as color-coded overlays.

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At the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, geographic information system technology has been assisting workers since 1995.
Using geographic information systems to assess risk for elevated blood lead levels in children.
ADRSA was instrumental in establishing the Library Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Data Lab and in creating the GIS and Data Specialist position (hereafter referred to as GIS Specialist).
New tools, including geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial statistics methods, enable epidemiologists to address the spatial aspects of disease rates and transmission more thoroughly and less subjectively.
This paper describes how a computerized geographic information system (GIS) can be used to help health department decision making and program evaluation about screening for childhood lead exposure when the main criterion used to assess a child's risk of lead exposure is residence in housing constructed before 1950 (5).
Glass and colleagues developed a detailed LD risk map of Baltimore County by using environmental risk factors within a geographic information system (GIS) (4).
Geographic information systems (GIS): new perspectives in understanding human health and environmental relationships.
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