Geographic risk

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Geographic risk

Risk that arises when an issuer issues policies concentrated within certain geographic areas, such as the risk of concentrating their coverage in hurricane or earthquake prone regions.

Geographic Risk

The risk to an investment in a specific geographic area. Specifically, it refers to the possibility that a natural disaster to which an area is prone will negatively impact an investment. For example, a company pumping oil in the Gulf of Mexico carries a geographic risk that a hurricane will destroy its infrastructure. See also: Country risk.
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We've moved from a heavy reliance on international borrowings to more local funding sources, helping us manage our foreign exchange and geographic risks.
It is perhaps too early to say that fraud risk is in remission, but the First American/Interthinx 2014 Annual Mortgage Fraud Risk Report highlights a positive trend toward nominal overall risk, [paragraph] However, First American still sees risk and performance indicators that tell a more cautionary tale around specific geographic risks, home-equity risks and the re-emergence of alternate financing where history reminds us to remain vigilant.
Another consideration involves geographic risks and exposure.
Business and geographic risks should dictate the depth of the training and the prudence of offering or providing training to business partners.
Geographic risks are focused on a particular country or region, and they include political issues, infrastructure difficulties and currency fluctuations.
Others are likely to return only with tougher underwriting standards and higher fees tied to credit and geographic risks.
s ExposureView, a Web-based mapping tool that insurers can use to view their in-force policies in relation to catastrophe events and other geographic risks, got a lot of use in the last couple of months as insurers pinpointed where the California wildfires would impact their policyholders.
The EFSA has thus far studied geographic risks of BSE in 19 countries around the world outside the EU, applying a methodology which datesback to 1998.
And the McFadden Act should be amended to permit banks to deliver their services at the lowest possible costs and to more easily diversify their geographic risks.
These insurers use it to view their portfolios of in-force policies relative to their proximity to catastrophe events and other geographic risks.
Additionally, it would permit BCBSKS to diversify geographic risks and adverse local legislation.
By the end of this year all our Latin American plants will be digitally linked by satellite or fiber optics allowing us to move work from one plant to another reducing geographic risks and distribution costs.

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