General Services Administration

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General Services Administration (GSA)

A government agency established in 1949 with the passage of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act,consolidating several earlier agencies. The GSA's areas of responsibility are public buildings, federal supply, and national archives and records. It has been responsible for establishing the Federal Citizen Information Center in Pueblo, Colorado; bringing the government into the credit card age for employee expenses; and creating, the official portal for all government Web sites. The GSA Web site is at, which is the starting point for all inquiries regarding surplus property sales and auctions.

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Recommendation: To strengthen GSA MAS program pricing and management, the Administrator of the General Services Administration should collect transactional data on MAS orders and prices paid, possibly through the expanded use of existing electronic tools or through a pilot data collection initiative for selected MAS schedules and make the information available to MAS contract negotiators and customer agencies.
270, RockviIle, 20850: COMMERCE for 541519 - Other Computer Related Services $419,000; GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION for 541512 - Computer Systems Design Services $90,000; GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION for 541511 - Custom Computer Programming Service $445,000
NW, Albuquerque, 87120: GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION for 233320--Commercial And Institutional Bldg.
The US General Services Administration now has a search engine that delivers more relevant results as well as a service hosted by AT&T, according to the company.
Colorado Springs, 80907: GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION for 334290--Other Communications Equipment Mfg.
West Fargo, 58078: GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION for 235410 - Masonry And Stone Contractors $59,000; GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION for 233320 - Commercial and Institutional Bldg.
Now home to the US Bankruptcy Court and the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian, One Bowling Green has just completed a 14-year renovation of its seven-story structure by the General Services Administration, ensuring that it continues to play a vital role in New York's business and cultural life.
The General Services Administration welcomes PBSA information to add to the PBSA Web site, especially best practices, samples, and examples of performance work statements, performance incentive plans, performance measures and standards, and quality assurance surveillance plans for any Service.
NW, Washington, 20009: GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION for 233320-Commercial And Institutional Bldg $17,000
WWT) to sell SGI products and services offered on the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule.
Trafalgar House Real Estate of New York City (THRE), managing partner of Presidential Corporate Center, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, has announced that the General Services Administration on behalf of the U.
While I was working on a team at the General Accounting Office (GAO), we examined selected human capital integration actions, which include succession planning, with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), General Services Administration (GSA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Social Security Administration (SSA), U.

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