General Services Administration

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General Services Administration (GSA)

A government agency established in 1949 with the passage of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act,consolidating several earlier agencies. The GSA's areas of responsibility are public buildings, federal supply, and national archives and records. It has been responsible for establishing the Federal Citizen Information Center in Pueblo, Colorado; bringing the government into the credit card age for employee expenses; and creating, the official portal for all government Web sites. The GSA Web site is at, which is the starting point for all inquiries regarding surplus property sales and auctions.

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53347 US Highway 93, Ronan, 59864: GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION for 541511--Custom Computer Programming Service $182.
Unit IA, Lakewood, 80214: GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION for 513390--Other Telecommunications $237,000: GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION for 233320--Commercial And Institutional Bldg.
NW, Washington, 20036: GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION for 541618 - Other Management Consulting Services $500,000
General Services Administration ST: District of Columbia, Pennsylvania IN: REA CPR SU:
2611 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, 22202: GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION for 811213 - Communication Equipment Repair $2,156,000
Adler, Regional Administrator, General Services Administration, Northeast/Caribbean Region.
General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded a contract with a 10 year estimated value of $34.
Trafalgar House Real Estate of New York City (THRE), managing partner of Presidential Corporate Center, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, has announced that the General Services Administration on behalf of the U.
The Federal Government's General Services Administration has named The Galbreath Company exclusive managing agent for Oakland, California's Federal Office Building, where its responsibilities will include management, operations and training for the one million-square-foot building.
PHILADELPHIA -- Probaris Technologies announced today that its industry leading HSPD-12 software product, SP/PIV, is now available on the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- The General Services Administration (GSA) today announced at its fifth annual child care conference that 20 additional child care centers are now professionally accredited, continuing the Clinton Administration's commitment to boost quality of care, and other family-friendly initiatives in the Federal workplace.
have been approved by the US General Services Administration (sted: US Government Services Administration)

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