General revenue

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General revenue

The sum of taxes, charges, and miscellaneous income taken in at the state and local level while neglecting overlapping revenue which may be erroneously counted twice.

General Revenue

Revenue that a state or local government raises through taxation and that may be used for any purpose. That is, general revenue is not earmarked automatically for functions such as road maintenance or payroll for state workers. Rather, the government may use general revenue for discretionary functions.
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According to the decision, which was published in the Official Gazette, the general revenues of the UAE will consists of all the revenues obtained from the different sources under the applicable laws including among others the federal taxes, fees and returns, charges of government services, each emirate's share in the UAE annual budget, fines and UAE investment revenues.
5 trillion in general revenues in 2009, a decrease of 1.
After tweaking the various fees and costs, the bill is expected to raise the combined $136 million in general revenues and trust funds.
In the ensuing years, the money in the Superfund Trust dwindled, and the EPA has been forced to rely more on taxpayer dollars from general revenues to pay for the program.
The white paper provides guidance on which typical revenue sources are program revenues and which are general revenues.
One method that has been proposed, and that is the focus of today's hearing, is to transfer general revenues from the on-budget accounts to the social security trust fund.
Even so, tobacco money accounted for less than half of 1 percent of the national ACLU's general revenues.
3 cents going to general revenues would not be affected under the Kasich-Mack bill.
The fact that net available general revenues for July were 3 percent above July 2001 and 2.

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