White Noise

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White Noise

The audio equivalent of Brownian motion. Sounds that are unrelated and sound like a hiss. The video equivalent of white noise is "snow" in television reception.
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Random Walk Theory

An investment philosophy holding that security prices are completely unpredictable, especially in the short term. Random walk theory states that both fundamental analysis and technical analysis are wastes of time, as securities behave randomly. Thus, the theory holds that it is impossible to outperform the market by choosing the "correct" securities; it is only possible to outperform the market by taking on additional risk. Critics of random walk theory contend that empirical evidence shows that security prices do indeed follow particular trends that can be predicted with a fair degree of accuracy. The theory originated in 1973 with the book, A Random Walk Down Wall Street. See also: Efficient markets theory.
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Utilizing this filter the interference will cancelled also the capacity will be enhanced also the Gaussian noise occurred will also be reduced simultaneously.
Section 2 gives the introductions of the generalized Langevin equation, the fractional Gaussian noise, and the Mittag-Leffler noise.
Caption: Figure 8: PSNR (dB) graph of [13, 18, 19] and new algorithms for various Gaussian noise for Salesman video sequence.
Since the voltages measured at the boundary [[bar.V].sub.p] contain white Gaussian noise, the calculated deterministic current differs from the exact one.
Typically, depth images produce holes, missing regions, or unstable boundaries and nonzero-mean Gaussian noise (see Figure 1).
It describes preliminary results on covariance and associated RKHS, the Gaussian process, the definition of multiple Wiener integrals for a general Gaussian process and stochastic integration for Gaussian random fields, Skorokhod and Malliavin derivatives for Gaussian random fields, filtering with general Gaussian noise, equivalence and singularity, and the Markov property of Gaussian fields and Dirichlet forms.
Table 2-3 show the similarity between the original watermark and the extracted watermark after the watermarked images is attacked by JEPG compression, Gaussian noise and Salt & Pepper noise.
The common noise includes gaussian noise, index noise, uniform noise and impulse noise.
In this article, first we present a mini review of signal detection under Gaussian noise, and then introduce two methods toward detection of gravitational waves under non-Gaussian noises to prepare for the forthcoming KAGRA.
The first increases the number of pixels within the same unit area, which will increase the spatial resolution, but produce a level of Gaussian noise. In obtaining high-resolution images through hardware by increasing pixels, the density of image sensors (charge coupled device and complementary metal oxide) and chip size require high precision optics, which are
The background noise has been modelled as white Gaussian noise with PSD of -140 dBm/Hz.

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