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During the June 2015 JCK gem and jewellery show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, news circulated about some attractive new purple garnets from East Africa.
The interpretation that most consistently integrates the Sm/Nd isochron age, major element growth zoning in the garnets, microstructural evidence for garnet growth during deformation, and peak temperature estimate is that the sampled formation reached amphibolite facies conditions and was deformed at c.
For Garnet, Gloria Staebler and Gunther Neumeier are joined by four co-editors in marshalling contributions by 24 authors and 40 illustrators, who all together explicate the 15 species of the garnet group: their chemical and crystallographic attributes, geologic settings, worldwide occurrences, history, lore, gemstone uses .
The most valuable garnets are, in fact, a bright leaf green: demantoid garnets, which were first discovered in the Ural mountains in the 19th Century.
ALTHOUGH traditionally diamond and ruby are considered very lucky for those born under the sign of Aries the Ram, I find Garnet also works very well and is a less expensive gemstone.
Extensive testing on over 2,000 kimberlites and 15K garnets has proven a correlation between diamond grade and the proportion of these "diamond window" garnets in the concentrate.
Thermodynamic modelling indicates these garnets began growing at ~500 oC and 5 kbar.
The garnets do not actually come from the lake area but from east of that body of water in the Sierra de Cruces range in the State of Coahuila (Fig.
The recovery of indicator minerals, including G10 garnets and ilmenite, indicates that the area warrants further investigation for diamonds, according to an OGS geologist.