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The Ibrox club confirmed the news of McCoist's departure in a statement that read: "Rangers would like to announce that Ally McCoist is relinquishing his duties as manager and will serve out the remainder of his 12 month notice period on gardening leave.
I might be wrong and the lad from South Shields could be a green-fingered god, but to me the mental image of Phil Brown on gardening leave - on his knees in a pinny with a pair of marigolds doing a bit of light weeding - is enough to make me cough up my cornflakes across the breakfast table!
Mr Hurley was abruptly sent on gardening leave in October 2005 andhas not returned to worksince.
He was sent on gardening leave, and the investigation he was due to undertake never took place.
QP ne nfo fHu co tr tran Rigg w QPR have been negotiaitng pay-offs for former boss Mark Hughes and all of his coaching staff plus transfer supremo Mike Rigg who has been put on gardening leave.
The 39-year-old was placed on gardening leave by the Millers last week after expressing his desire to speak to the Coca-Cola Championship club.
Former telecoms consultant Dewberry, 26, from Hull, was said to be on 'gardening leave' from her new post after becoming pregnant.
They included more than PS100,000 in wages to keep Knox and Gray on "gardening leave" for six months after they left their posts.
Gary megson has revealed his frustration at not being allowed to look for a new job after being put on 'gardening leave' by West Brom, who are still his employers.
For three years he has been on gardening leave amid allegations of lies, bullying, insubordination and inefficiency.
Brown (above), on gardening leave since March, wants pounds 750,000 compensation for the outstanding 12 months of his pounds 1.4million-a-year deal, while the Tigers have offered pounds 500,00.
Sir Clive Fairweather, a veteran and former SAS deputy commander, is a trustee of Gardening Leave.