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Meanwhile, the Mighty Sports continued to break through Taiwan Blue defenses with fast breaks and open gaps down the lane to stretch their lead to 10 points.
He believes that while a "number of factors are aligning to disrupt" Vocera's first half of 2019, including a badge upgrade cycle, customer-led implementation cycles, and the government shutdown, a recovery in the second half "is within sight." The "best way to make money in Health IT is to buy good companies whose stock gaps down, and this is one of those opportunities," proclaims Wieland.
7 BENJAMIN MENDY Played an important role in opening up gaps down the United right, but still has wobbles with his defending.
Torino exploited gaping gaps down the sides of exposed centre-halves Philippe Mexes and Cristian Zapata, with home striker Alessio Cerci pulling the pair all over the place.
"We've given Ashley a free role to play and he can play down either side, he can exploit gaps down the middle and it's getting the ball to him as often as we possibly can which is making a big difference to our play.
This will give less time for the wing-backs in midfield to drop back and fill in the gaps down the flanks.
Nat Brown or John McCombe could come in to plug any gaps down at Griffin Park.
The use of advanced photolithographic and plasmaetching techniques allows IRC to produce conductor track and gaps down to 19[micro], plated through vias, and edge terminations.
Leg-weary Shelbourne, playing their second game in 24 hours, left some inviting gaps down the centre of their defence for the Scots to exploit.
"Both girls were sitting on the track pushing stones through the gaps down on to the water below when the train came.
The bookmakers certainly do not think so and if manager Mario Zagallo is as good as his word and relays assistant coach Zico's advice to Roberto Carlos and Cafu, Brazil will leave fewer gaps down the flanks than against Scotland, and Morocco, whose game is heavily dependent on the hard-running wing-back pair of Abdelkrim El Hadrioui and Abdelilah Saber, will be less free to employ similar tactics.