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The Gapper D uses a direct gap ratio for blow through gapping for systems with products that are similar in size; the Gapper O uses optimization to create gaps for products with various sizes.
Last Friday, Dominguez assured that the national government's budget deficit remains "manageable" despite the above programmed spending last year that resulted in slightly elevated fiscal gap ratio.
At a dump gap ratio of 0.8, the proximity of the flame tube influences the prediffuser providing a beneficial blockage effect.
The average output gap ratio for the considered period is 3.1%, with the minimum in 2009 and the highest value in 2007.
This broken situation gives us a chance to investigate the corresponding performance of antenna and in how much damage degree can still the antenna work, which is represented by the gap ratio of the gap to the solid ground in this paper.
On the other hand, the approximation gap ratio is (1/[beta])log [absolute value of F]/[max.sub.f[member of]F] [V.sub.f].
It identifies the leading and emerging companies and brands, offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market, including background information on pet population, pet ownership by household and prepared gap ratio. Forecasts illustrate how the market is set to change and criteria for success.
Specifically, the ratio of the gap in value added per hour to the wage gap (gap ratio) is significantly larger than 0.7; this is true for all countries in our sample.
In contrast to that, the gap ratio effects the whole orientation of the triangle, which would be turned toward positive pressure gradients for smaller film heights or higher gaps.
Strategy: The factor used to determine asset allocation is the yield gap ratio. It is the ratio of dividend yield of equities and yield of a long-term government bond.
As noted by Osberg and Xu (1999), the SST index combines the poverty rate, the average poverty gap ratio, and inequality in poverty gaps and, unlike many other poverty measures, can be decomposed into three components: (1) the percentage change in the poverty rate; (2) the percentage change in the average poverty gap ratio among the poor; and (3) the Gini index of inequality in the poverty gap ratios of the entire population.