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Therefore, managers may choose other types of compensation systems, such as time rates and gain sharing (where part of compensation is linked to quality-adjusted productivity).
Physician executives have looked with interest at recently approved gain sharing agreements between hospitals and physician groups.
A PACE Performance Recognition Plan or gain sharing program.
The firm eventually adopted team-based structures to complement gain sharing and sustain commitment to strategic change.
Because the data base utilized in this study does not provide information about the use of stock ownership plans, my focus is on profit and gain sharing effects.
The platforms include basic terms and conditions, Benchmarking, gain sharing and change management.
Gain sharing aligns the economic interests of company executives and employees.
The notion of profitsharing, gain sharing, and employee hare-ownership have been around for decades.
Select International offers other incentive programs, including Cork Awards that recognize and reward employees for working eIabove and beyond', and a Gain Sharing Program that will be unveiled later this year.
With wage hikes scheduled for 1986 and 1987 the gain sharing program would have put machinists' hourly pay an average of $1.
Also included in the agreement is successorship language for all its plants, a neutrality pledge during organizing drives at its non-union facilities, job security provisions, gain sharing of profits and top tier wages, pension and health care provisions.
Only Transervice offers an open book, "Full Disclosure" philosophy combined with a Gain Sharing Incentive.