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Government Sponsored Enterprise

A privately held or publicly traded company created by the U.S. Government for some purpose thought to benefit the American economy. For example, Freddie Mac was originally a GSE created to encourage homeownership among middle class and working class Americans. Because it is "sponsored" but not owned by the government, GSE stocks carry higher risk than, say, Treasury securities, which are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. However, GSEs have an implicit guarantee that the government will not allow them to fail. Indeed, when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapsed in 2008 they almost instantly received federal assistance.
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See government-sponsored enterprise.

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Every fire truck, construction crew, and isolated military outpost should carry multiple GSE street pumps.
This lack of funding might have forced County A to transition from private financing toward GSE and FHA/VA financing.
Because the system covers all of the Lufthansa Group's ground support equipment, all of the Lufthansa sites can benefit from GSE 4.0.
Preparation of reagents: GSE (DF-100) was purchased from Chemie Research and Manufacturing Co., Inc.
The results were expressed as %inhibition of [ABTS.sub.*.sup.+] by GSE compared to the [ABTS.sub.*.sup.+] solution with the vehicle used as the negative control.
Littlejohn and SVPGlobal acquired GSE in 2014 and hired Bob Preston to serve as Chief Executive Officer following the transaction.
GSE-treated experimental group was given GSE daily in normal saline solution, at a dosage of 30 mg/kg, by gavage administration from thirteen weeks.
By acquiring GSE Rentals, it can strengthen its presence in non oil and gas markets, with a focus on offshore renewable energy projects, submarine cables, dredging, ports and harbours and civil projects.
Nick Payne, Managing director at Airbase GSE added, "The British Airport Authority informed us that we needed to provide them with more insight into our daily operations.
Researchers at Wayne State University have conducted preliminary research that suggests grape skin extract (GSE) may yield an inhibitory effect on hyperglycemia.
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