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Habiba Al Marashi, President and CEO, Arabia CSR Network, said: "Through this workshop, we aim to educate current and future users of the GRI guidelines on the GRI Standards' new modular structure and revised format.
Habiba Al Marashi, president and CEO, Arabia CSR Network, said: "As GRI's Certified Training Partner since 2011, we are the first in the region to introduce training courses based on the new GRI standards.
While her favorite homes are bungalows, she looks forward to helping her clients through their side of the business transaction, which her GRI and Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) certifications work together to allow her to do well.
Since 2001, FBRH Consultants Ltd has prepared CSR reports according to the GRI Guidelines with a proven track record of assisting clients in using the GRI Framework.
Most of these activities were in line with the GRI dimensions, but various sustainability activities were not.
UA&P's Center for Social Responsibility is also currently guiding major Philippine corporations in preparing a continuing GRI sustainability report through the years.
As shown in Table 1, there are similarities between the COSO and GRI frameworks.
For more information, about the GRI framework visit globalreporting.
In addition, the small scale of the Engis 432 makes it ideal for the double-sided lapping of small parts, which, GRI believes, account for a large proportion of the market, particularly in the production of high-value, small batch parts, for example for the optics, sapphire or semiconductor industries.
Ability to link, measure, and report performance metrics against the Indicators set by GRI
GRI is reportedly the world's most widely used sustainability reporting framework, developed through a consensus-seeking, multi-stakeholder process.