Government Printing Office

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Government Printing Office (GPO)

The federal government's primary, centralized resource for gathering, cataloging, providing, authenticating, and preserving published information in all its forms. It maintains a 1.5 million square foot facility in Washington D.C. for processing, printing, and distribution of materials. Unless one knows the specific government agency responsible for particular materials, GPO's Web site,, is the best place to start any search regarding laws,regulations,procedures,forms,advice,or virtually anything else prepared by or collected for the U.S.government.

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The new paper, dubbed Sensicoat by its GPO developers, (11) was soon made to testing division specifications for printing prisoner-of-war stationery and postcards, including directions in German, Italian, and Japanese.
Jensen answered this question by telling us about GPO's "Spectacular Lifetime Warranty." "If a riflescope or binocular is not functioning, GPO will repair or replace that product at no charge to the customer forever," is how he described it.
For instance, the man responsible for the design of GPO's vessels and its standing executive director, Dagfinn Thorsen, was also behind the design and construction of two vessels in the fleet of leading player in the heavylift trade, Royal Boskalis.
As the most recent research report on the need for reform in the GPO, NAPA issued a report, "Rebooting the Government Printing Office: Keeping America informed in the digital age" (January, 2013), that analyzes the GPO and makes recommendations for reforming the agency.
When making major purchases, such as pressure-relief mattresses, the customer should enlist the services of the GPO's analytics department.
The MedTech For Solutions Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) provides practices significant savings for all medical, pharmacy, laboratory, capital equipment, and office purchasing needs.
(3) Selene Dalecky, Carrie Gibb & Lisa LaPlant, GPO's Federal Digital System (Apr.
Another survey question focused on how hospitals monitor different aspects of the GPO relationship.
LOOKING BACK: Brian Fox pictured with his postman barrow, far left, on his GPO motorbike in 1955, left, and above with Derek Brown outside the post office telephones building in Middlesbrough in 1954.
What type of support do you want or expect from your GPO? GPOs may offer very aggressive pricing but little support.
Government Printing Office (GPO) into a state-of-the-art enterprise and the epicenter of technological change.
The Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO) is one of the most popular, quality collections of all major orchestral instruments ever assembled.