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ISO 4217 code for the German papiermark. It was introduced in 1914, when the mark's peg to gold was abandoned. The papiermark is strongly associated with hyperinflation as prices rose exponentially following World War I. In 1924, it was replaced by the Rentenmark at a ratio of 1 trillion to one.
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Graduated Payment Mortgage (GPM)

A mortgage on which the payment rises by a constant percent for a specified number of periods, after which it becomes fully-amortizing.

As an example, the payment might increase by 7.5% every 12 months for 60 months, after which it is constant for the remaining term. GPMs had a brief flurry in the 1980s but then largely disappeared.

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Members of the public can contact the GPM office at 03-41443441 or via chief operating officer Syahrir Azfar at 013-222 6057 for further information on the #PeduliGempaLombok mission.
Since the function of ground data was to validate the results of downscaling algorithms independently, it was not used to correct GPM precipitation.
A founding concept of the GPM mission is the constellation of precipitation observations provided by national and international satellite partners of opportunity.
GPM Investments, LLC, based in Richmond, VA, operates or supplies fuel to over 1,000 stores located across 18 states.
The system receives observational data continually, 24 x 7, from the GPM Core Observatory and supporting satellites via NASA's Precipitation Processing System, generates global precipitation data, including a 3D distribution of precipitation intensity, and distributes that data to organizations, including NASA, the Japan Meteorological Agency, ICHARM, and the IDI.
Step 4 then results in 27.82 gpm for 1 ton of heat per each [degrees]F of [DELTA]T.
The GPM Core Observatory will take a major step in improving upon the capabilities of the Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM), a joint NASA-JAXA mission launched in 1997 and still in operation.
"It has been very interesting to get to know GPM's activities in Armenia.
Acain isn't just preaching to lesbian and gay parents with GPM. "I've been a parent for 1.5 years now," she says.
Our GPM system uses tubular membranes that can be submerged in liquid manure or suspended in air containing [NH.sub.3] gas.
Parameters of the Example ChW System Chiller Rated [Q.sub.rate] 2250 ton capacity Rated power [p.sub.rate] 1433 kW input Rated 0.637 kW/ton performance Chiller model [c.sub.0] -2.81E-01 coefficient 0 Chiller model [c.sub.1] 1.02E+01 coefficient 1 Chiller model [c.sub.2] 1.74E+03 coefficient 2 Chiller model [c.sub.3] 2.71E-03 coefficient 3 Rated CW [] 6,000 gpm flow Rated ChW [T.sub.ChW,S] 42 [degrees]F temperature Chiller max [T.sub.CW, max] 85 [degrees]F CW enter temp.