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An investment with an exceptionally high risk. Speculators may invest in a start-up company or in a volatile commodity. These risks carry the possibility of very high returns. Speculators often trade actively and many have hedging strategies to reduce their risks. See also: Hedge fund.
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Speculative; built without a purchaser or a tenant, but in anticipation of securing one when the project is completed.

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Joshua Halford, senior vice-president of business development at ART, said: "We decided to go with GPC because of the stability of their software, their knowledgeable team and their longstanding relationship with some of the bigger players in the industry.
They said that the majority of GPC members in Sanaa were no longer able to refuse any Houthi demand given the harassment they are facing.
GPC will be in a position to work on two different pipe sizes simultaneously.
El presente estudio tiene como objetivo describir el trafico del portal de GPC relacionado con las GPC-OH y GPC-TDA, con enfasis en el numero de consultas a las guias, segun su distribucion geografica por ciudades colombianas, y en la estimacion de patrones de comportamiento de los usuarios a traves de metricas estandarizadas de analisis de sitio web.
GPC HK-HFIP404L, which is to be marketed this time, enables us to conduct rapid analysis of hardly-soluble polymers.
Los instrumentos disenados fueron organizados en torno a cuatro dimensiones preespecificadas: nociones y apreciaciones en torno a las GPC en general y en Chile, diseno y elaboracion de GPC, gestion y difusion de las GPC y su implementacion.
Para cumplir con los principios de difusion y aprendizaje, el grupo de trabajo decidio reformular la presentacion de los documentos digitales en PDF, dandole a la informacion un nuevo contexto en el que la implementacion de las recomendaciones se convirtiera en el objetivo principal, tanto de los profesionales de la salud como de los pacientes que consulten la GPC. Asi, fue necesario reformular el orden de los contenidos para presentarlo a traves de internet y ello requirio procesos especificos de diseno grafico, redistribucion de contenidos, desarrollo de versiones web de las GPC y posterior publicacion de la informacion en la web.
of cubes, cylinders, and prism specimens were cast using GPC and the characteristic strength on 8 M, 10 M, 12 M, 14 M, and 16 M molarity specimens was tested.
GPC has worked steadily to lower emissions through a number of projects and processes, the Dryer House 5 project is the largest and most comprehensive.
Al-Motamar Net, media mouthpiece of the GPC, published a statement on Saturday listing three reasons for the GPC's withdrawal from the authority's Saturday meeting: 1) The authority is not finished drafting its bylaws; 2) the authority has not responded to demands put forth by the GPC and the National Democratic Coalition parties; and 3) representation ratios in the authority were not corrected to match the NDC's representation ratio.
GPC Medical can customize products as per customer's requirement or as per drawings shared by customer's.
Grain protein content (GPC) is an important quality indicator for cereal crops to meet variety of needs of commodity.