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Gross National Product

A measure of the value of what a country's citizens produce in a given year, whether or not the production occurred in that country. To calculate GNP, one takes the GDP and adds to it all earnings made by domestic citizens in a different country. One then subtracts from this quantity all earnings made in the home country by non-citizens. GNP is less commonly used now because it has become a less accurate tool for calculating what a domestic economy produces, as more countries have citizens working abroad.
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Gross national product (GNP).

The gross national product is a measure of a country's economic output -- the total value of all the goods and services that it produces in a particular year. The GNP is similar to the gross domestic product (GDP), but not exactly the same.

Unlike the GDP, the GNP includes the income generated by investments owned outside the country by its citizens, and excludes any income earned on domestic soil by noncitizens or organizations based elsewhere.

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