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Guaranteed Investment Contract

A pension plan purchased through a bank or an insurance company for a lump sum in which the principal is guaranteed by the issuer. One may receive payments from a GIC either in installments or as a lump sum after retirement. A GIC provides the pensioner with a small interest rate that is not guaranteed, but the fact that the principal is guaranteed makes it a relatively low-risk investment.


Guaranteed investment contract (GIC).

A guaranteed investment contract, or GIC (pronounced gick), promises to preserve your principal and to provide a fixed rate of return when you begin to withdraw from the contract, typically after you retire.

You can invest in a GIC through a salary reduction plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b) sponsored by your employer, provided that investment option is offered.

Because of their fixed rates, GICs are vulnerable to inflation. And you may have to pay a penalty if you decide to change from a GIC to a different investment.

Insurance companies that offer GICs assume the risk that the rate they earn on their investments will outperform the rates they've guaranteed on the GICs.

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