Economic growth rate

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Economic growth rate

Economic Growth Rate

The change in a nation's GDP from one period of time (usually a year) to the next. The economic growth rate shows by how much GDP has grown or shrunk in raw dollar amounts. It is considered one of the most important measures of how well or poorly an economy is performing. It is calculated thusly:

Economic growth rate = (GDPyear 2 - GDPyear 1) / GDPyear 1 * 100

The economic growth rate does not adjust for inflation; therefore, the real economic growth rate is sometimes considered more accurate. One may use GNP instead of GDP in calculating the economic growth rate, but this is rare.
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As far as growth is concerned, the fixed exchange has had no visible disadvantages: the International Monetary Fund estimates the average annual real GDP growth rate for the twenty years through 2006 at 9.1 percent, with almost no evidence that the momentum is about to fade.
On the international front, strong foreign investment into China, as well as its entry into the World Trade Organization in December 2001, have contributed to its emergence as the fastest growing economy in Asia, with a GDP growth rate of 7.4% in 2003.
The GDP growth rate remained stable compared to the previous quarter in France (+0.7%) and in Austria (+0.8%).
Using this relationship, the expected total return to the equity market is the sum of the expected GDP growth rate and current dividend yield.
For example, countries ranked "economically free" experienced an average annual per capita GDP growth rate of 2.88 percent, while countries classified as "economically repressed" saw a growth rate of -1.44 percent.
A real GDP growth rate of [r.sub.t] and an inflation rate of [[Pi].sub.t] yield a nominal GDP growth rate of [g.sub.t] = [r.sub.t] + [[Pi].sub.t] + [r.sub.t] [[Pi].sub.t] in period t.
Compared with the previous quarter, GDP grew by 0.9% in Q1 2019, the same rate as Q4, while based on seasonally and working day adjusted data, annual GDP growth rate in real terms is estimated at 3.5%.
The oil sector of the economy experienced a real GDP growth rate of -1.62 per cent in Q4 of 2018.
KARACHI -- The fiscal deficit of the country is likely to soar to 6 percent of GDP growth rate during the current financial years owing to government failure in containing the expenses and increasing income.
Analysts expect no net revision in the 3.5% Q3 GDP growth rate, with downward bumps of $3 B for private construction and $2 B for exports, but boosts of $2 B for service consumption and $1 B for factory inventories.
Thanks to the new direction given to it by its paramount leader Deng Xiaoping, China has been able to achieve the average GDP growth rate of 10% per annum since 1980, doubling its GDP after every seven years.