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The company's board of directors, after consultation with its financial and legal advisors, has unanimously determined that the amended competing acquisition Proposal constitutes a "superior offer," as that term is defined in the GaAs Labs Merger Agreement.
GaAs LSI devices and eventually LSI logic circuits, based on either JFET or MESFET technology, should be capable of operating up to about [10.
If a private company decides it wants its auditor to follow and report using PCAOB auditing standards, the auditor must follow both GAAS and all PCAOB auditing standards (see "A Standard by Any Other Name," page 69).
Some of the functions where GaAs ICs can make contributions to higher instrument performance include ultra-broadband amplification, high performance switching, frequency division, variable attenuation and high speed D/A conversion.
Government Auditing Standards does not require us to perform any procedures with respect to the internal control structure beyond those required by GAAS.
In these engagements, the auditor is required to issue an additional report on compliance with laws and regulations based solely on the procedures required by GAAS.