Futures exchange

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Futures Exchange

An exchange on which futures contracts are traded. A futures contract is traded on a futures exchange; this allows them to be standardized contracts, which reduces uncertainty for investors. Futures exchanges are useful because it allows investors to make either speculative investments or hedges based on the expected future price for a commodity or other underlying asset. Many futures exchanges are also options exchanges.
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Futures exchange.

Traditionally, futures contracts and options on those contracts have been bought and sold on a futures exchange, or trading floor, in a defined physical space.

In the United States, for example, there are futures exchanges in Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and New York.

As electronic trading of these products expands, however, buying and selling doesn't always occur on the floor of an exchange. So the term is also used to describe the activity of trading futures contacts.

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News department staff members from the city of Shanghai and the China Securities Regulatory Commission said Wednesday they had not received any news about plans for a Shanghai futures exchange.
Using the same approach as the PWG, the CFTC has evaluated the regulation of futures exchanges in light of the public policy objectives of deterring market manipulation and protecting investors.
Futures are a leading business for BofA Merrill, with execution and clearing capabilities at 45 futures exchanges around the world.
The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), which operates the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE), has deployed a hosting solution in data centre provider Equinixas Chicago International Business Exchange (IBX) facility.
NAGOYA - The Central Japan Commodity Exchange and the Taiwan Futures Exchange said Tuesday they have agreed to form a business tie-up amid growing trends toward the globalization of derivatives trading.
''This is the first time that a mainland (Chinese) futures exchange explores substantive cooperation relationship with exchanges outside mainland (China),'' said Jiang Yang, chief executive officer of SHFE.
The Congress should continue to urge the two agencies to settle their remaining differences so that investors have the opportunity to trade single-stock futures, both on futures exchanges and on securities exchanges.
Banks were closed and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Futures Exchange suspended trading in the morning due to heavy rain associated with Typhoon Sam.
On the futures exchanges themselves, financial contracts now account for about 70 percent of the activity, and retail participation in most financial contracts is negligible.
ISLAMABAD -- Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has notified the Futures Exchanges, Licensing and Operations Regulations, 2017.