Futures exchange

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Futures Exchange

An exchange on which futures contracts are traded. A futures contract is traded on a futures exchange; this allows them to be standardized contracts, which reduces uncertainty for investors. Futures exchanges are useful because it allows investors to make either speculative investments or hedges based on the expected future price for a commodity or other underlying asset. Many futures exchanges are also options exchanges.

Futures exchange.

Traditionally, futures contracts and options on those contracts have been bought and sold on a futures exchange, or trading floor, in a defined physical space.

In the United States, for example, there are futures exchanges in Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and New York.

As electronic trading of these products expands, however, buying and selling doesn't always occur on the floor of an exchange. So the term is also used to describe the activity of trading futures contacts.

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It is worth mentioning that Almaraghy's election programme--before being succeeded in the last EGX board elections--included aiming at creating a commodity futures exchange.
The Eris partnership adds to a series of partnership announcements in recent months, including CBOE's majority equity investment in Vest Financial, an asset management firm that provides options-based investments through structured protective strategies and innovative technology solutions; its partnership with Environmental Financial Products to create the American Financial Exchange, an electronic marketplace for small and mid-sized banks to lend and borrow short-term funds; and its minority investment in CurveGlobal, a new European futures exchange focused on delivering capital efficiencies between interest rates futures and cleared OTC swaps.
The new exchange trading platform allows us to monitor clients' positions and margin management, market exposure and trading limits," said Lukas Lauw, Head of Trading and IT at Jakarta Futures Exchange.
The Japan's largest commodity futures exchange is planning to revise the gasoil contract so that a wider group of companies will be able to participate in the delivery process and enhance liquidity.
CME is the world's largest futures exchange, controlling more than 85 per cent of US futures and options-on-futures volume after its July takeover of CBOT Holdings.
The merger will be implemented under the arrangement that the Fukuoka Futures Exchange will be technically absorbed by the Kansai Commodities Exchange under relevant regulations.
News department staff members from the city of Shanghai and the China Securities Regulatory Commission said Wednesday they had not received any news about plans for a Shanghai futures exchange.
which is building the new online world for health care executives, the Healthcare Futures Exchange.
The New York Mercantile Exchange its the world's largest energy and precious metals market and the third largest futures exchange in the country.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 26, 2016-CBOE Holdings Buys Stake in Futures Exchange Group Eris
Shanghai International Energy Exchange Limited (INE) and DBS Bank signed an agreement of strategic cooperation in Shanghai yesterday to boost the internationalisation of China s energy futures exchange market.