future interest

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Future Interest

In real estate, ownership of a property without the right to use it at present. For example, the owner of an apartment has a future interest if she rents it to a tenant. She may own the apartment, but the tenant has the right to live there. Generally, the owner may enter without permission or at least prior notice.
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future interest

Interest in land in which the possession and enjoyment are deferred until a future date.

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You can't be sure of the future interest rate, but you use an ARM calculator to look at different possibilities by guestimating future interest rates.
Lloyds Bank, part of the British government backed lender Lloyds Banking Group, on Wednesday revealed that more than two thirds of businesses say future interest rate rises are a cause for concern.
These wise voters of all parties and none will make their decision on which way to vote according to what they believe to be Scotland's best future interest.
In the United Kingdom, investors will scrutinise inflation numbers at 0930 GMT for signals about the Bank of England's future interest rate moves.
Less than two hours after the Bank of England gave a steer about future interest rate moves, ECB President Mario Draghi followed suit, abandoning the euro zone central bank's customary insistence that it never pre-commits on policy.
"Starting from a market leading rate of 4.99 per cent, we expect these to be very popular amongst landlords looking for peace of mind against future interest rate rises."
NORTH-East businesses have identified fears over future interest rate rises as the prime barrier to future growth.
Market participants mostly adopted a wait-and-see approach as they opted to wait for economic data such as the nationwide consumer price index for November, due out Tuesday, which could provide clues to forecast the Bank of Japan's future interest policy stance, dealers said.
"The spike in the ABI this month reflects reinvigorated design activity now that national elections have concluded and future interest rate policy is clearer," said Matthew A.
A RELIEF rally carried Wall Street sharply higher after the Federal Reserve appeared to soften its stance on future interest rate hikes.
2002-69 lease-in/lease-out (LILO) transactions: A taxpayer deducts expenses (e.g., rent and interest)incurred in connection with a LILO transaction that is properly characterized as a future interest in properly.
"Dometic's positive development has made it possible to change over to so called cross-over financing which will significantly reduce future interest costs," Dometic said in a statement.

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