funds from operations

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Funds From Operations (FFO)

Used by real estate and other investment trusts to define the cash flow from trust operations; earnings with depreciation and amortization added back. A similar term increasingly used is funds available for distribution (FAD), which is FFO less capital investments in trust property and the amortization of mortgages.

Funds from Operations

In real estate investment trusts, a measure of revenue from operations involving liquid transfers like cash, rather than illiquid assets. In general, the FFO is determined by taking the REIT's earnings and adding back their depreciation and amortization of mortgages.

funds from operations

A measure of the profitability of any business, but particularly a real estate investment trust. It is net income without downward adjustments for depreciation or amortization and without considering any extraordinary revenues such as from the sale of an asset.

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For the three months ended September 30, 2004, Brookfield's funds from operations increased by 13% to $0.