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Also, in addition to full-service brokerages, there are hourly rate or fee for service options; and buyers can elect to make an offer and negotiate on their own behalf.
Goldman already has a license to execute fixed-income trades in Mexico but plans to expand the platform into equities, a move that could give the bank a larger role in a market where competitors already offer full-service brokerages and that may also bolster Goldman's push to handle more initial public offerings.
Full-service brokerages' share of households with $1 million or more fell sharply to 32 percent in 2012 from 36 percent in 2011, the report states.
Some of the major full-service brokerages have been slow to embrace cyberspace investing and banking, at least when compared with many of the discount houses.
Full-service brokerages are losing the confidence of their clients, according to new research.
Full-service brokerages are now focusing on retail clients to expand their businesses to wealthy investors.