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If we're talking about leveraging this intellectual capital, this talent, we need to get it focused on moving that fulcrum point closer to the end of the lever so we can get that leverage.
The role of the retail buyer is at once the fulcrum point of the entire wholesale distribution system of the American consumer products industry and at the same time the most misunderstood, the least appreciated and the most underestimated job in the business.
As the fulcrum point between patients and health care providers -- health insurance companies have historically been an attractive segment to do business with.
If the short end distance of the levers from the fulcrum point was 15 inches with the counterweight distance 35 feet from the fulcrum, this would give a ratio of approximately 28:1.
In container handling configuration the eye level is above 40 metres and the fulcrum point is above 36 metres which naturally eases the handling of vessels.
He explains: "The play starts with a party and on a knife edge, a fulcrum point.
7 LUKE CHARTERIS The tall lock-out forward with the long arms was in the thick of the action through-out, being Wales' primary target at the line-out and the fulcrum point of the driving mauls that were often set up, to put his case forward to start against England.
Stylistically an ideal hybrid of cat-eye and wayfarer, it's the fulcrum point where statement and versatility meet, as well as a favorite of Montoya, who says, "It will fit almost everyone who tries it.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is considered as a fulcrum point for other regional nations and if the Islamic Republic didn't exist, terrorism would spread in the entire Middle-East," Ahmadi Moqaddam said.
It is the fulcrum point really and he plays it very, very well.
Aligning the fulcrum point with the direction of the lateral pressure of the stroke provides peak efficiency in the opposition of forces, known as dynamic equilibrium, as stated in Newton's Laws.