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And the reason that FUD managers often go unchecked?
The tensile fracture morphology of PMMA-PMMA has three sections: Fud has wearing surface morphology; Fpl has rippling fracture morphology; Fpd has partly plasticized dot fracture morphology.
As franchisors and leaders, we can help franchisees turn FUD into a positive force by helping them learn to engage their fears and see them as a motivational tool.
Mae hi'n nofel anarferol, fodern, heriol, nid lleiaf am fod y prif gymeriad yn fud ac yn hollol ddiymadferth yn ei gwely gydol y nofel.
So there is widespread FUD about Active Directory at all levels of corporate computing.
The IT Industry thrives on the FUD factor (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt).
Tra bod y delyn yn addurn poblogaidd mewn ambell i gartref yng Ngheredigion dyw'r tannau ddim yn fud ym Maldwyn.
These concepts are commonly referred to as FUD and used to prevent change from one vendor to another.
We are engaged in a FUD campaign to let the press know about some of the bugs," Brad Silverberg wrote in 1991.
Interestingly, the worst sprawl comes from the computing industry, whose web sites have mushroomed to information complexes of thousands of pages - many full of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).
This simple argument might have altered the dynamic, and neutralized the FUD.