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FreightWaves Australian correspondent Jim Wilson joins us today to talk his FREIGHT All Kinds article available now on its titled Asian Crime Gangs Freight Huge Volumes of Meth Around the Globe.
Limits on the application of freight all kinds (FAK) rates, such as a Class 70 FAK that applies only on commodities taking a rating up to Class 125 (anything above Class 125 would not be subject to the FAK)
Second, there's the Freight All Kinds rating, where somebody has a Class 100 rate in the National Motor Freight Classification, and they go after Class 70 and still hold on to a good discount.
If you're shipping more than one type of commodity, then your shipments may be assigned a Freight All Kinds (FAK) designation.
It also prohibits vague descriptions such as "Freight All Kinds," "Said to Contain," and "General Merchandise." Shipments that do not meet the deadline or have insufficient information may not be loaded on board.
Before the 24-hour rule went into effect, NVOCCs issued house bills of lading to their shipper customers and tendered consolidated containerloads, documented simply as "Freight All Kinds," to ocean carriers.
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